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Practical information regarding your descent
canoeing in the Ardèche with Aigue Vive:

Do you need to know how to swim to canoe in Ardèche?

Current regulations require all participants to be able to swim a minimum of 25 meters and submerge themselves for all canoe and kayak courses on the Ardèche.

From what age can you canoe on the Ardèche?

All participants must be at least 7 years old to canoe down the Ardèche.

Can we change the date of the descent if the weather is not good / if it is raining?

Yes !
In the event of bad weather conditions, you are free to change the date/time of your activity at your convenience.

Can we choose if we want canoes or kayaks?

Yes !
Our boats are all sit-on-top type (click here to see) You can choose your boats, 1, 2 places or 3 places (middle seat reserved for a child under 12 years old)

After my descent can I take a shower?

Yes !
At our canoe base you have two hot showers to freshen up before starting again.
We also have toilets!

Where will we be able to park?

At Aigue Vive we have a very large parking lot under the trees; cars, motorcycles, campers and bicycles will easily find space.

What about motorcycle stuff?

You can leave your motorcycle belongings with us such as helmet, bag, boot, etc.
We can also keep car keys dry and safe.

If we are a hiker or cyclist and we do not want to go back up after the descent to continue our journey?

We can transport your bikes and backpacks with the first shuttle which will come down at the finish of your descent if you wish to leave directly.

Is it possible to charge my cell phone?

Yes !
We have a plug block where you can charge your battery.


Yes !
We have wifi on our base which we make available to you.

What if I arrive a little late or am tired after my descent?

You can take advantage of our land along the river to pitch your tent or stay with your van to spend the night (shhh)

Do you have clothes if the water is cold?

And yes !
At the start of the season, when the water is still a little cold, to canoe down the Ardèche, we can lend you shorty neoprene wetsuits, you will be much more comfortable and will be able to fully enjoy the landscapes of the gorges of the Ardèche. 'Ardèche.

And how do we eat?

We provide you with a waterproof container with a capacity of 55 liters per boat (one per person for the two days in bivouac). We advise you to take 1 liter of water per person (drinking water at the bivouac), cereal bars, fruit, picnics (pasta or rice salad, semolina, sandwiches, raw vegetables, etc.). Avoid over-packaging or plastic containers.

Is the sun strong in Ardèche?

We are in the south of France, with a Mediterranean climate, in summer it gets a little hot! To protect yourself, the best protection is to wear anti-UV t-shirts or simple t-shirts, use sunscreen as little as possible which damages the bottom of the river, our friends the fish and the marine flora.

Hygiene-wise, how are we?!

All our vests are washed by hand after each descent with an anti-bactericidal product.

Does it seem that we are being photographed during the descent?

In fact, photos are taken during your canoe descent to immortalize your moments of emotion and laughter.
Aigue vive is a partner of photo7 and we offer you a free photo with the promo code that you can ask us or scan at our canoe base after your descent.

On the security side, how do we do it?

Before each descent, a briefing on the descent plan, we adjust your life jackets to your size and upon boarding we will give you an introduction to basic techniques as well as all the safety instructions. The brief is done in French and English ????
In the heart of the nature reserve and upstream of the Pont d'Arc, there are 3 fire stations to ensure that your descent goes smoothly; these positions are financed by the department but also by the canoe rental association.

Discover the Ardèche gorges by canoe kayak, in the best conditions of safety and pleasure

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