This is the first time you take a trip down the Ardèche River in a canoe, and you want to known everything about everything!

You will get a friendly welcome from our team and a big smile.

Whether there is just the two of you, you are with your family or friends, you will get an individual briefing, during which we will give you the details of the trip we have planned.

If you want to, we can give you an introduction to the necessary basic techniques so that you can control your canoe without any problems.

You will have a life jacket and a waterproof container for your belongings.

Depending on the trip you choose, you will leave in your canoe from our base, or we will provide transport to your departure point. At the end of your trip, you will be welcomed by our team who will recuperate your canoe, and we will provide transport to take you comfortably back to our base.

All along the Gorges, photographers are located at the most beautiful sites. Upon your return to our base, you will be able to see their photos and leave with a copy!

If you want to take a trip down the Ardèche River in a canoe with one or more children under 7 years old, you must be accompanied by a monitor holding a French State Monitor/Instructor Diploma. In this case we recommend a specially adapted trip: Discovering Beavers

Also, if you want, we can prepare a picnic for you, but you must indicate this when making your Reservation, at least 17 hours before your Departure.

If you want to make your trip down the Ardèche River with a dog, it is possible, but the dog must weigh between 10 and 50kg. A very small dog is not safe and secure in a canoe, and a large dog can even make the canoe capsize. It is also important that your dog is not attached when with you in the canoe.

Discover here the free services and assistance we can provide to make your trip easier!

Plus all the other practical information concerning your trip down the Ardèche River in a canoe:

  • In summer the water is warm in the Gorges of the Ardèche River, reaching up to 25°C! Before and after summer, we supply you with neoprene wetsuits. We only organise trips down the Ardèche River from 1 April to 31 October.
  • You should wear sports clothing adapted to the season, trainers or water shoes with good adherence, a swimsuit and towel. If you wear glasses you should fit them with a neck cord. In the summer bring protective sun cream and a hat.
  • You must arrive thirty minutes before your Departure time, to give you adequate time to get ready.
  • It is also a good idea to have some cereal bars and water with you.
  • To take a trip down the Ardèche River in a canoe you need to be able to swim for 25 metres, be older than 7, or be accompanied bya monitor who has a French State Monitor/Instructor Diploma.

Discover the Gorges of the Ardèche River by canoe in the best conditions for safety and pleasure

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